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Customers gallery and experience with Stepper motor drives


Participation in the 2023 Furniture Fair - KolexCNC

Our partners, the KolexCNC Company, exhibited two CNC machines at the 59th International Furniture Fair, which was held from October 6th to 11th, 2023, at the Belgrade Fair.

Synchronizing two Robots with Audioms Control Electronics

Showcase of a model of a modular production line realized by colleagues at Faculty of engineering in Kragujevac, Serbia.

4-axis Self-made CNC Machine

An extraordinary 4-axis CNC machine. We can follow its progress, starting with the idea and planning, over the making process, all the way to the end stage.

Upgrade of the CNC wood working machine

The machine is built in Zrenjanin by Marin Mućan. At first, machine operated with LPT card and after the card failed one USB controller was used.


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Develop and produce motion controllers, stepper and DC servo motors drives.

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