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Power supply board with motor brake PSB-1 has 2 galvanically isolated power supply sources. The first one is used for power supply of up to 4 microstep stepper motor drives MST-107 and the second one for power supply of breakout board IO3.

PSB-1 has integrated motor brake circuit. When rapid deceleration occurs, especially of loads with high inertia, the stepper motor will act as a generator. Regenerative currents are rectified by the MOSFETs and the energy returns to the main DC rail. As the capacitors on the DC rail charge, the voltage rises. The brake circuit allows excess power to be dissipated if the DC power rail exceeds a certain limit.

In cases of big moving mass and severe deceleration, increasing of supply voltage can lead to permanent damage of motor drive.

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Characteristics Description - Value
Description Power supply board with motor brake

From transformer
AC1 = 18 ÷ 30 VAC / 10 ÷ 14 A (for power supply of stepper motor drives)
AC2 = 12 ÷ 18 VAC / 350 mA (for power supply of breakout board)


Uout1 = 24 ÷ 40 VDC / 7 ÷ 10 A (for power supply of stepper motor drives)
Uout2 = 15 ÷24 VDC / 250 mA (for power supply of breakout board)

Built-in fuses

2.5 ÷ 3 A fast blow fuse, 4 pieces (for power supply of stepper motor drives)
250 ÷ 500 mA slow blow fuse, 1 komad (for power supply of breakout board)

Brake voltage activation Uout1 + 3 V DC
Power of brake resistor 20 W, short-term 100 W
Dimensions (W x L x H) 77 mm x 102 mm x 60 mm
Weight ~250g

NOTE: specifications are subject to change without notice


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