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PULSER is a programmable motion path generator/controller and it is intended for managing the execution of simple motion paths by generating STEP/DIR/ENA control signals. It is used together with the motor drive to control position of the motor.

The trapezoidal speed profile is used to generate motor motion path. This means that PULSER takes into account the set of parameters, such as: acceleration, deceleration, maximum frequency of STEP pulses, number of pulses, direction of movement, etc.

Control of the motor positioning is reduced to activating the digital input lines by means of buttons or via a basic purpose PLC.

Programming the PULSER is very easy with the free software. The programmed sequences are stored in the EEPROM memory on board microcontroller.

The selection of the programmed movement path for motor is made through one of the seven inputs for selection of the work program, inputs from IN1 to IN7. Upon the arrival of a pulse at one of the inputs for selecting the work program, the execution of the program is started and the "Busy" output is activated. The pulse can be generated by an external button or by an external PLC. When the program is finished, the "Busy" output is deactivated. In this way, PULSER signals that it has completed the execution of the program and is ready for the next activation of one of the programs.

If an error occurs during the execution of the program, the generation of control pulses is interrupted, that is, the motor driver will stop. In this case, the "Error" output will be activated and the "OP/ER" LED will flash.

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Function Description
Number of digital inputs

8 optoisolated inputs

  • 7 inputs for generation of motion paths sequences
  • 1 ALL STOP input

All digital inputs are for +24V logic level

Number of analog inputs 1
Analog input range 0 – 3,3 V
Number of control axis 1
Type of output signals STEP, DIR and ENABLE
Output signal level TTL
Maximum STEP signal frequency 500 kHz
Number of status uotputs

2 (Error and Busy)

Type of status outputs Optoisolated, open collector
Power supply 8 – 24 VDC / 100 mA (reverse polarity protection)
Dimensions 100 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm
Weight ~70 g

NOTE: Shown specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Document Description
pdfPulser_man_en Pulser - User's manual
zipPulser_V1.19.zip Pulser V1.19, July 2024 - Configuration software, Added "Go between limits" program, as well as the ability to configure multiple limit switches

Pulser V1.14 - Configuration software

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