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mikroCNC is free software that can interpret standard G and M commands and that turns computer into the CNC control station. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 with 32-bit or 64-bit architecture.

The software has built-in motion planner algorithm that supports simultaneous, synchronized motion of up to 6 axis. For acceleration and deceleration it is possible to select either trapezoidal ramp profile or more advanced S-profile that offers significant reduction of inertial forces and vibrations.

Function AutoToolZero - ATZ is also supported.

mikroCNC software currently supports this Audioms Automatika motion controllers:

When working with the software it is important to pay special attention to safety at work. Any problems encountered, bug reports and suggestions can be sent to e-mail address: support@audiohms.com 

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User's manual

Date File name Description
July 2023. pdfmikroCNC_en.pdf mikroCNC preliminary users manual


Download software mikroCNC for ETH-MCI motion controller

Date File name Description
August 2023. zipmikrocnc38_ethmci.zip Initial version of mikroCNC software that support ETH-MCI motion controller


Download software mikroCNC for USB motion controllers

Date File name Description
February 2024. zipmikroCNC_v0.39.zip Improved display of the user interface on newer operating systems (Windows 10/11)
August 2023. zipmikroCNC_v0.38.zip Added option to reduce maximum frequency of the step pulses to 125 kHz
July 2023. zipmikroCNC_v0.37.zip Contains small bug fixes and other minor improvements since the previous release
February 2023. zipmikroCNC_v0.35.zip - Added AutoToolZero function
- Small bug fixes and other minor improvements
November 2021. zipmikroCNC_v0.32.zip mikroCNC software


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