Synchronizing two Robots with Audioms Control Electronics

Showcase of a model of a modular production line realized by colleagues at Faculty of engineering in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The model of the modular production line is consisted of:

ISO-USB-BOX motion controller with drivers for MST-107 stepper motors should provide motion of the coordinate table which is located between the Melf Assist collaborative robot and the RH-CH Scara robot. MELSEC Q series PLC is used for complete synchronization of the system’s motion.

ISO-USB-BOX motion controller communicates with PLC over a certain number of digital inputs and outputs. Automatic referencing of the coordinate table, as well as executing predefined axis movements, is done with a special script.

Thanks to the colleagues at Faculty of engineering for shagging the data with us.

Industrial Competence Centre
Faculty of engineering in Kragujevac
University of Kragujevac
E-mail: ceter@kg.ac.rs 

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