4-axis Self-made CNC Machine

An extraordinary 4-axis CNC machine. We can follow its progress, starting with the idea and planning, over the making process, all the way to the end stage.

The machine is a really good combination of welded construction and special aluminum profile. ISO-USB-BOX motion controller was used for CNC control.

  • Main features of the machine:
  • NEMA34 8 Nm hybrid motors
  • 2.2 kW spindle motor with water cooling (24.000 RPM)
  • SFU2010 ball screws
  • HGH20 linear guide for X and Y axis, HGW25 for Z axis
  • Special purpose 200x96 aluminum profile for CNC
  • Quality aluminum plates 20mm width
  • 40mm MDF workplate
  • Inductive switches for homing and axis limits
  • 2 x 48V / 10A and 1 x 24V / 10A power supplies
  • 4th axis with 125mm clamping head driving with NEMA34 stepper motor and with 10:1 gear box
  • Maximum jogging speed of 10m/min
  • Working travels 1000 x 2000 x 350m


Bogdan Damjanac
Inđija 22320
Mob. +381-63-87-07-957
E-mail: bdamjanac@yahoo.com

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