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ETH-MCI is a 6 axis high performance motion controller for CNC machines designed for use with popular Mach3 CNC control software in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems with 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) architectures. As an external controller, it brings various improvements in comparison to using Mach3 software with parallel port.

ETH-MCI motion controller could be also controlled with motion control software mikroCNC.

Motion controller ETH-MCI with its integrated 32-bit microcontroller takes over all real-time tasks that require precision timing. Therefore, computer CPU is less loaded, so that Mach3 now can work on less powerful desktop, laptop, and even tablet computers.

The Ethernet connection with a computer is considered to be one of the most robust connection types, so it is suitable for application in difficult industrial conditions. It should be noted that wired Ethernet connection also features galvanic isolation between ETH-MCI motion controller and a PC computer.

ETH-MCI motion controller offers:

  • 19 TTL general purpose digital outputs with maximum uotput current 32 mA,
  • 1 PNP open collector output (for Enable line),
  • 3 relay outputs,
  • 1 optoisolated analog output in 0-5V or 0-10V range,
  • 12 Schmitt trigger general purpose TTL digital inputs, Pull-up resistors 4.7 kΩ,
  • 12 optoisolated digital inputs with 24 V logic level, and
  • 2 analog inputs in 0-5V range.

Mach3 plugin contains integrated latest compatible firmware version, so in case that firmware has to be updated, this process is automatic and easy for the user.

Main features of ETH-MCI motion controller

  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit connection
  • all jogging modes
  • spindle PWM output, adjustable frequency 10 Hz – 200 kHz
  • spindle index input, adjustable divider
  • spindle step/dir axis
  • spindle relays (M3, M4 and M5)
  • coolant relays (M7, M8 and M9)
  • ESTOP input
  • MPG (encoder) inputs, all Mach3 MPG modes + hardware mode
  • freely assignable functions to any of inputs and outputs
  • adjustable active signal state (low/high) for all inputs and outputs
  • homing/referencing (single axis and multiaxis)
  • hardware limit switches
  • softlimits
  • limits override, auto/manual/external
  • charge pump outputs, adjustable frequency (12.5 kHz and 5 kHz)
  • slave axes
  • probing function (G31)
  • laser M10p1/M11p1, e5p1/e5p0 fast outputs (#1-6)
  • laser PWM, power compensation (PWM duty cycle can change in relation to velocity of movement), adjustable arbitrary relation curve
  • laser PWM, gate by M10/M11
  • laser gray level (8-bit) engraving
  • shuttle mode, adjustable acceleration time
  • detailed adjustment for debouncing of all input signals
  • offline mode
  • threading on lathe using Mach3turn, G32, G76
  • THC function (integrated and external controller support)
  • THC advanced options (kerf detect, THC lock, low pass filter...)
  • Backlash compensation

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Technical specifications

Function Description
Connection with PC Ethernet 10/100 MBit, TCP/IP - data buffer size of about 1 s for stable communication, Auto crossover detection
Number od axes 6 (including Spindle axis if Spindle axis is Step&Dir type)
Digital outputs

- 19 general purpose TTL digital outputs, maximum current on digital outputs 32 mA
- 1 PNP open collector output (for Enable line)
- 1 digital output reserved for generation of analog output

Relay outputs 3 relay outputs SPDT type with capacity of 30 VDC / 3 A max. or 250 VDC / 3A max
Digital inputs

- 12 Schmitt trigger general purpose TTL digital inputs, Pull-up resistors 4.7 kΩ
- 12 optoisolated digital inputs with 24 V logic level

Maximum STEP signal frequency 200 kHz or 100 kHz (adjustable in plugin)
STEP pulse width 2.5 μs (optional 5 μs)
PWM output frequency 10 Hz – 200 kHz
PWM duty cycle resolution 16-9 bits, depending on frequency; 16 bit for f ≤ 2kHz
Frequency of signal on Index input ≤ 10 kHz
Pulse width on Index input ≥ 100 ns
MPG/encoder input (x4) frequency ≤ 10k steps/sec
Number of analog inputs 2
Analog input range 0–5 V, 10 bits
Number of analog outputs 1 optoisolated, available levels 0-5V or 0-10V
Charge pump inputs 2
Charge pump frequency 12.5 kHz or 5 kHz
Power supply 15 – 28 VDC / 1 – 2 A (power consumption depends on attached peripherals)
Dimensions 170 mm x 126 mm x 50 mm
Weight ~ 320 g

Index signal could be set on inputs 1-20, recommendation is to use fast TTL inputs
NOTE: Shown specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Document & Software Description
pdfETH-MCI User's manual ETH-MCI motion controllers User's manual

Network parameters confuguration software

Mach3 Plugins & Screens for ETH-MCI motion controller

Date Plugins & Screens Description
October 2023. zipethmci_drv105_fw52.zip Plugin v01.05 & Firmware v00.52
- Fixed problem with network initialization that could sometimes appear with some controllers
August 2023. zipethmci_drv104_fw51.zip Plugin v01.04 & Firmware v00.51
- Added support for generic MPG pendant operations
March 2023. zipethmci_drv103_fw51.zip Plugin v01.03 & Firmware v00.51
- Correction: squaring the gantry when referencing master and slave axis does not work corectly
November 2022. zipethmci_drv_102.zip Plugin v01.02 & Firmware v00.44
- Initial version of plugin
August 2022. zipPlaAohmsETHMCI.zip Modified Plasma screen for ETH-MCI motion controller

Mach3 plugin contains integrated latest compatible firmware version, so in case that firmware has to be updated, this process is automatic and easy for the user.


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