Upgrade of CNC milling machine Deckel FP42NC

An upgrade of the Deckel FP42NC CNC milling machine. Original analog amplifiers for DC motors were used.

Audioms Automatika control electronics were used to upgrade the CNC machine:

Original Heidenhain linear encoders with SIN/COS output signal type are preserved on the machine. The associated Heidenhain interpolation modules that convert the SIN/COS signal into a TTL encoder signal are also preserved, which are then directly connected to the DCS-100-A DC servo driver.

As the ETH-MCI motion controller has a large number of digital inputs and outputs, as well as two analog inputs and one analog input, almost all of them are used for some of the special functions. These functions include:

  • Start/Stop of selected G code program,
  • Starting the Main Spindle and Cooling Emulsion,
  • Jogging along all axes,
  • Spindle (SRO) and Feedrate (FRO) override,
  • Estop and all limit switches,
  • Regulation of the number of revolutions of the main spindle
  • Automatic lubrication, etc.

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