Manual control of DC servo motor using MPG/encoder and DC servo drive DCS-3010

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

pdfManual control of DC servo motor using MPG/encoder and DCS-3010

Few years ago I was contacted by a colleague who specializes in hand made springs. He runs a small-scale production. Difficulties arise when it is needed to make spring with thicker steel wire. He asked if there was a solution that would make possible for him to manually turn a shaft with a handle, but hard work, and that is wire bending, to be performed by electric motor. Then we came up with the idea to enable additional way of controlling input circuit of DC servo drive DCS-3010. And that is to enable direct control using incremental encoder. Idea is not new off course, but it does broaden possibilities of use for DC servo drive DCS-3010.

Input circuit of DC servo drive DCS-3010 can be configured for different types of control signals. Most used configuration is STEP/DIR/ENA mode that is needed by CNC control systems. Nevertheless, one of possible ways of control is using MPG/encoder signal.

Here is video clip that shows how it is possible to manually control DC servo motor using incremental encoder or Manual Pulse Generator – MPG. In this case, Fujitsu Fanuc Pulse Generator Type A860-0200-T013 is used. MPG is connected using simple interface to DC servo drive DCS-3010. Also shown are complete instructions for setting up parameters of DC servo drive via configuration software ServoTune3.

For this control type any incremental quadrature encoder can be used. However, it is required that outputs A and B are push-pull type. In case of single-ended outputs, additional buffer is needed between incremental encoder and DC servo drive inputs.

NOTE: It is possible to connect MPG directly to DC servo drive DCS-3010, without interface that is shown on video clip. In that case, +5 VDC power supply for MPG must be provided externally. You can find schematic in provided manual.

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